Lend Your Computer to Science!

Help physicists at CERN to uncover the fundamental building blocks of nature.
Lend your computer while it is in sleep mode, to facilitate the huge amounts of data being gathered by the biggest scientific instrument ever created. The Large Hadron Collider is scheduled to turn its beam on in May 2008. Go to the LHC@Home page to set it up.

If a billionth of a billionth of the human scale is too small for you, then how about
the universe, and giving a hand to the University of California at Berkeley? Lend your computer’s idle time to the SETI@home program where you can help the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Your computer would help gather data received from the Allen Telescope Array. Check out the full story while you’re there.

Share your dreams with your computer while it sleeps.

After 10 000 Years

Geologists propose the past 200 years marks the beginning of a new era.

Human-Driven Planet: Time to Make it Official?


From the tiniest forms of life,

Microbes Make the Best Climate Engineers

The future and now

Welcome to 2008! What is there to look forward to?

Lords of the Ring at CERN

…or do something about?

2007 Tied for the Second Hottest Year on Record


Welcome to the site

Wednesday, December 19, 2007It is a pleasure to announce the release of the site today, and some of the latest clips from The Matter of Everything. We hope that you find meaning at this time from all of nature, a closer look around, to share everywhere.

What’s the matter keeping us together?

The Matter of Everything: A Panel Discussion
York University – November 29 2007 12-2pm
Sylvester’s at 201 Stong College

Selected clips from the film will be shown, with a panel discussion to follow that includes Edward Jones-Imhotep (Science and Technology Studies), Scott Menary
(Dept. of Physics), and Enrico Lappano (Filmmaker).

Everyone is welcome.

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