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Thank you to all the students and teachers who attended our
special event screenings at York University.

If you are interested in purchasing The Matter of Everything DVD, please contact us via email.

The Matter of Everything DVD is an invaluable educational tool with STSE curriculum links  particularly for teachers of physics, chemistry, and earth & space sciences . Organized in chapters, teachers may use segments as a springboard for lessons, to review concepts, or to enhance and stimulate class discussions. For teachers who have little knowledge of quantum physics and would like to learn more, or for teachers who have good knowledge and would like to enrich students’ experiences, The Matter of Everything
can be a learning tool as well.



The Matter of Everything is an inspiration for students:  it invites 

them to just let go and ask the basic questions about the unimaginably

small and the fundamentally profound nature of "reality". It's great to

be able to address that with science students especially- we don't

venture into this way of thinking enough with them.
Jim O'Reilly 

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

The movie was applicable to many areas within the science curriculum. The filmmakers made a wonderful connection between concepts taught in grade 11, and 12 sciences and the real world for instance; the components of the atom, particle theory, and how electrons move to make energy in the form of light. Plus, what “Matter” really is and what it looks like. The movie shows student how all disciplines (biology, chemistry, and physics) are inter-connected with each other and to their studies. I think the filmmakers were able to explain the concepts in a manner that any student in high school or non-science person would be able to understand.

Effy Kolianou
Woodbridge College

While the The Matter of Everything is very applicable to students of science, I think it is a film that can be enjoyed by all students. It questions the very fundamental ideas of science and life ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic. It exposes students to a view of how research is truly interdisciplinary and the importance of collaboration among academic, industry, and citizen scientists. Viewers leave with many answers, but more importantly, with many questions. I think it will entice students to get excited about science, whether they are planning to study it in post-secondary education or not. It is a great opportunity to encourage students to think “outside the box” and engage in meaningful intellectual discussion – both critical life skills!

Josie Galloro
Stephen Lewis SS



The York University trip was amazing! I learned about the general idea of quantum physics and what scientists are trying to discover today. The video was very informing and entertaining at the same time. I WOULD recommend this trip to other students/teachers because you can learn a lot out of this trip.

Tom Tran, Richmond Green High School

“Watching the Matter of Everything, accompanied with a live cello performance, was a truly eye-opening experience! I learned about many mind-boggling concepts in modern physics that I have only heard about in books and articles. I loved the film. In the end, I had the rare opportunity to meet with one of the feature physicists working at CERN, Prof. Scott Menary, and asked him some questions of my own. He was very knowledgeable and inspirational. I remember leaving the screening room more curious and appreciative of nature than ever. As a senior high school student considering to major in physics, this event has really solidified my passion for physics, and inspired me to continue seeking profound insights of our natural universe through higher education. Overall, this was an incredible learning experience for me; I learned a lot about physics and had a wonderful time at the screening.”

Jackey Cheng, Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School


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  1. Comment by Jon Conescu on August 1, 2010 11:47 am

    On Saturday, July 10th, my wife, Teresa, and I had the special pleasure of viewing “The Matter of Everything” in Santa Fe, NM. After the screening, Teresa and I visited briefly with Olga and Enrico, congratulating them on their inspiring film. I am currently an education and humanities professor at the University of New Mexico-Valencia, located 70 miles south of Santa Fe. On August 24th, I will begin a graduate humanities class for the UNM College of Education, “Philosophy and the Sciences.” My extended example illustrating science and scientists at work will highlight recent research in physics. I am very interested in screening “The Matter of Everything” in class for my students. Beyond my humble abilities of classroom presentation, it will be an authentic eye-opening experience into our sub-atomic world–all beginning with the curiosity and wonder of a teacher! I look forward to hearing from Enrico, Olga, or others on your production team who might be able to assist me with how I might be able to show my students this film. I am open, of course, to any possible technology involved, including streaming video via the Internet or, better, a DVD copy of the film. My warmest regards to Enrico and Olga,
    Jon Conescu
    280 La Entrada
    Los Lunas, NM 87031

  2. Comment by Gabriel Nemeth on October 9, 2014 12:50 pm

    I’d be very interested in purchasing the DVD, Please send me information on how to purchase the video.
    Thank you,
    Gabe Nemeth

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