The following are the main credits for THE MATTER OF EVERYTHING:

Enrico Lappano

Written and Produced By
Enrico Lappano
Olga Antzoulatos

Enrico Lappano

Enrico Lappano
Olga Antzoulatos

Music Composed and Produced by
Enrico Lappano

Enrico Lappano

Olga Antzoulatos

Enrico Lappano
Olga Antzoulatos

Rights and Clearances
Olga Antzoulatos
Kristine Aoki

Rights and Clearances
Elspeth Domville


Cast (in order of appearance):

Olga Antzoulatos
Professor Scott Menary
Enrico Lappano
Dr. Paul J. Nienaber, SJ
Dr. Chris Quigg
Dr. Edward W. Kolb
Dr. Peter Z. Skands
Dr. Enrico Lunghi
Dr. Arlene J. Lennox
Dr. Anthony J. Hall
Professor Paul Delaney
Professor Janet M. Conrad


Special thanks to:

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
Batavia, Illinois USA

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Headquarters Washington, D.C. USA

Deutsches Elektronen – Synchrotron (DESY)
Hamburg, GERMANY

York University
Toronto, Ontario CANADA


Home Page

Subatomic Particle Tracks overlay
CERN Copyright

Synopsis Page

Ch 2 and 3 Courtesy: Fermilab

Ch 5 Life of an Atom
Courtesy: Steve Cuchin
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Ch 6 How the Eye Functions 1941
Courtesy: Prelinger Archives
Quantum Fluctuations in EMG
Courtesty: Zephir PhysorgForums

Ch 7 The Atom Bomb 1946
Courtesy: Prelinger Archives

Ch 8 Particle Event Display
Courtesy: Fermilab

Ch 10 Alien Walking
Courtesy: Tatsu Yashiro
Tatu’s 3D Website
Mars and M35 04/15/06
Courtesy: Chris and Dawn Schur
A Jupiter Storm
Courtesy: NASA and STScl

Ch 11 Helix Nebula in Infrared
Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/K. Su (Univ. of Arizona)

Ch 14 Particle Collision
Courtesy: Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell PHENIX
Brookhaven National Laboratories

Ch 15 Detector
CERN Copyright

Ch 16 Amery Ice Shelf Crack
Author: Evan Morikawa
Courtesy: Dr. Helen Amanda Fricker
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics
Carl Sagan quote
Courtesy: Druyan-Sagan Associates Inc.

Music Page

No Time image: Chaos at the Heart of Orion
Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScl

A Number image: Subatomic Particle Tracks
CERN Copyright

All The Way image: Northern Startrails over Mauna Kea
Courtesy: Gemini Observatory/AURA

Image Gallery

Cleavage Furrow
Courtesy: R. Horwitz and C. Brown
The Horwitz Lab
University of Virginia

Aerial Image of Fermilab
Courtesy: Fermilab

Spacecraft Pictures Aurora
Courtesy: NASA’s Earth Observatory

Galaxy Cluster Crash
Courtesy: Robert Berrington
University of Wyoming

Timelapse Night at Gemini
Courtesy: Gemini Observatory/AURA

The Active Sun
Courtesy: NAOJ/JAXA

Particle Event Display
Courtesy: Fermilab

Forming a Planetary Gap
Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt

Tevatron Detector
Courtesy: Fermilab

The Atom Bomb 1946
Courtesy: Prelinger Archives

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