ENRICO SMALL. jpg.jpgEnrico Lappano was born in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from York University in 1980 with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music specializing in cello performance and composition. Subsequently, he moved to Cranbrook, British Columbia where he worked as an actor, composer, and musical director of the Crossroads Theatre Company for three years.

Over the next thirteen years in Toronto, Lappano formed and led several bands such as Tone of Voice, Twist, and Never Never as a songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist. With Twist, Lappano was awarded two VideoFACT grants to create music videos for The Way I Feel (1989) and Only for You (1990) which he wrote, directed, and performed, the former receiving top rotation at MuchMusic. With Never Never, Lappano co-produced the CD Destroying Angel (1994) with a FACTOR grant, and was later invited to sit as a jury member with FACTOR.

Lappano also graduated with a Bachelor of Education from York University in 1997 and taught music at the elementary and secondary levels for eight years. In that time as a department head of music at Woodbridge College north of Toronto, Lappano created a unique film program with courses in grades 10, 11, and 12. From 2006 to 2009, Lappano directed, produced, edited, and composed an original soundtrack for the feature documentary THE MATTER OF EVERYTHING a quantum dose of reality (09), his feature film debut. In 2009 and 2010, Enrico Lappano toured the film in Canada and the United States in theatres accompanying the soundtrack live on the cello.  Enrico Lappano is currently in post-production with his next feature documentary.   Director’s Statement


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Olga Antzoulatos was born in Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece. Her parents, both from Kefalonia, moved to Toronto when she was ten months old. Antzoulatos graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Economics from the University of Toronto in 1991. Upon graduation, she travelled to the village of Ibuki, Japan near Kyoto to teach English to junior high school students for one year.

Over the next three years, Antzoulatos was a computer instructor training students to gain the necessary skills to reenter the workforce. By 1996, she received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and began her teaching career at Woodbridge College, a high school north of Toronto. During her time at Woodbridge College, Antzoulatos taught Geography including Environmental Studies and World Issues courses, History and Sociology. In the spring of 2002 and 2003, she taught in Europe with MEI Academy.

In 2003, Antzoulatos also helped to create a film program at Woodbridge College with Enrico Lappano, the director of The Matter of Everything. For this documentary, Antzoulatos conducted research and interviewed physicists. She then shared her new found knowledge with her students which was captured on film. In addition to writing and creating the documentary with Lappano, Antzoulatos captured some of the footage and narrated the film. THE MATTER OF EVERYTHING (09) is her first feature film and was co-produced with Enrico Lappano. Antzoulatos continues to teach at Woodbridge College and is currently in post-production on her next feature documentary with Enrico Lappano.



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