Saturday November 28 4pm Screening

Following this weekend’s big news at CERN switching on the LHC’s (Large Hadron Collider) beam again and recording today’s historic first collisions, we are approaching another new year and many faith holidays that accompany it. At this time, we’d like to make a special invitation to a new screening event on Saturday November 28, 4pm at the Revue Cinema, Toronto.

As part of CERN’s exciting developments,
we are very pleased to announce that right after the screening, Theoretical Physicist Dr. Peter Skands will be available for the Q&A live from CERN via video Skype (on the big screen), to answer audience questions. Dr. Skands is one of the physicists who has been featured in The Matter of Everything, while working at Fermilab, and he is currently living and working at CERN in Switzerland.

As well, in anticipation of the hurried blur of festivities fast approaching, we are also looking forward to a meaningful and interactive discussion with Rev. Terry Weller, Publisher and Editor of Interfaith Unity News. We welcome an audience dialogue on science and spirituality and/or religion, especially at this time of year. Please check these links for a new video entitled Notes from Earth on this evolving topic, and also a video of the Nov 7th Q&A that was held at The Mayfair in Ottawa following the screening with Particle Physicist Alain Bellerive from Carleton University.

See you soon at The Revue Cinema.


Enrico and Olga

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